World War One Dbq Essay

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World War I, known as the war to end all wars at the time, had massive impacts on the U.S. Soldiers that were being sent off into the battlefield not knowing whether they would return home dead or alive. Soldiers fought, slept, and lived in trenches for the entirety of the war. Although, soldiers were not the only ones experiencing poor conditions during the war Citizens, and even countries, were affected by the war in various ways. Citizens in the U.S were stripped of their right of freedom of speech under the first amendment. WWI caused a large epidemic in the U.S regarding health safety. The flu, incurable at the time, was being passed along in the U.S leaving thousands of citizens sick and being easily passed on. It all began with a small conflict between two countries that soon led into something much more drastic. Serbia was a new and independent country that was anxious to become a large Slavic country. (Doc 4) Serbia soon asked Austria-Hungary if they would like to combine their countries to become a larger country. On the …show more content…

Businesses lowered their worker's wages so they could maximize the business potential to make weapons for the soldiers. (Doc 8) This angered the workers but the businesses owners told them that they would receive a postwar wage increase. This motivated workers to work hard for their country. After the war, the workers expected to get their promised wage increase but to their surprise, they did not get it. This angered the workers even more. In February 1919, about 55,000 workers in Seattle Washington showed a peaceful demonstration to demand better wages. This hurt the businesses and the city immensely. The shutdown paralyzed the city which ended up shortening product production. Also, many people lost trust in labor unions due to the trick they pulled with their workers during the war. Some even began to fear them because it demonstrated their power and what they could do with

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