World War 1 Effects On Life

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World War I completely destroyed the lives of many people. Men who just got out of high school got tricked into going into the military and fighting for their country. The fear of being killed in battle lingered in the hearts of many soldiers, young men dying from different diseases and horrible living conditions, and dealing with the loss of their mates in the army. War completely changed their view on life altogether as they sought different ways to survive. Mentally and physically they were drained, from the exhausting training they were ordered to do early in the morning, to feeling intense emotions of fear, loneliness, and sorrow. The worst part of the war was that they had no choice but to fight and find a way to stay sane throughout all the destruction occurring around them. …show more content…

His dreams came to an end when his country geared for the war that he was forced to participate in. War crushed many people 's dreams and possible futures they may have made for themselves if they weren 't compelled into doing something they didn 't accept, especially something that would 've likely cost their lives. Even during the war, most of these soldiers had a hope of surviving and even returning home after the war to their families, but sadly those hopes got crushed by injuries and diseases that caused them to die. Dozens, sometimes even hundreds of soldiers were killed and wounded every day, these living conditions completely changed each and every one of the soldiers character and perspective of life

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