How Did Ww1 Affect America

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America was impacted by many changes during World War I. These included an increased military presence and higher taxes to support the military preparedness, along with political rallying not previously seen around national support for involvement in the war. The Selective Service Act of May 1917 was the first time American men had to register for military service, and it was also during this time the government first used propaganda to promote the war effort. Additionally during this same period, women were allowed to vote, and Americans were encouraged to spy on their neighbors and report any acts that may be detrimental to the war effort. America’s involvement in World War I was by far the most impactful on the lives of Americans than any previous wartime involvement, and it was the beginning of many more changes for the American people. President Wilson did his best to keep America out of World War I, but when American lives were considered at risk, he was forward thinking enough to start a military buildup prior to announcing any American involvement. Towards the end of 1915, he felt the need for America to prepare for participation in the war, and he expanded the navy and the army. When Germany reneged on a promise not to bomb …show more content…

Using his Fourteen Points initiative he kicked off in January 1918, he was able to establish a theme for the peace conference after the end of the war. While the importance of this initiative was not seen at the time, it became the foundation for the “democratic peace theory of international relations in the twentieth century.” America joined the war all in, making a large impact on the German advance and providing needed assistance to the Allies. The Americans overwhelmed the Germans with their manpower and resources, and pushed the Germans back, causing the German kaiser to quit and to pursue

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