Was The United States Justified In Entering Ww1

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World War I was an exponentially increasing war in tragedy and death. It established the positions of each imperial power and how they stand amongst others in battle. The events leading up to the war cannot compare to those that occurred during and even after this horrific war. However, it was truly the conditions of WW1 that fueled the entrance of the United States into WW1. The United States was justified entering World War I on the side of the Allies in 1917 due to three fundamental conditions: the type of government, the alliance system, and militarism. The growing power of government and its affect on an individual's country justified the United States entering WWI in 1917. It encouraged the people of a country to believe in their word, to support their choices, to brainwash them into thinking the goal of war is to win …show more content…

This evidence leads to the reason that the United States was justified in entering the war in 1917 because, in democracies, an individual can cast their own vote and have a voice in choices the government makes. It is up to the opinion of the society to choose how to address issues, with the assistance of the government to make the formal, final decision. The objective of democracies at the time of WW1 was to establish a concept of peace, freedom, and the rights of mankind within a society using government and to cease the war by reaching that objective. In which ways this reason justifies war is debatable. When is war justifiable? “Justifiable wars undoubtedly include wars of necessity, that is, wars in which the most vital interests of a country are threatened and where there are no promising

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