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The Great War was not so great of a war even though it was given this ironic name. This war is better known as, World War I. Two main points that encouraged the United States to join the Great War was the sinking of the Lusitania and the exposing of the Zimmermann Telegram. President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany after the Zimmermann Telegram was deciphered. After analyzing plenty of documents from during that era, it could be suggested that the messages that President Woodrow Wilson encouraged the Americans to push for neutrality, while Franklin D. Roosevelt believed in the fight. The propaganda posters encouraged the American citizens to join the war and help support the troops. World War I began in 1914 but The Great War did not …show more content…

In Document 16, “Little Americans Do Your Bit,” 1918, there is a little boy at the top of the poster saluting to the bowl of oatmeal in the corner of the page. Document 16 represents how the children should save the wheat for the men in the military. The artist of this artwork cares about the health and nutrition of the soldiers so he recommends that the families at home save the wheat for the men at war. The men at war also needed sock which is represented in Document 14, “Our Boys Need Sox,” 1918. This poster was telling the families at home that they should do their part and knit socks for the men away. Food was one of the main issues that the people at home were dealing with because Germany kept attacking supply ships and the United States had to continue to provide to the men outside of the country. Document 19, “The Spirit of ’18,” 1918 does a great job of explaining the problem that was within the states. On this poster farmers were told to continue farming because the United States was …show more content…

Germany was referred to as a Hun often because of the way they treated their people. The artwork in Document 11, “Destroy This Mad Brute,” 1917, depicts the characteristics of Germany very well. It shows a gorilla carrying a lady who looks to be like Lady Liberty and she is in despair. This portrait shows how the freedom of the United States was going to be captivated by Germany and going to turn into a monarchy government. Document 9, “Beat Back the Hun,” 1918, shows another picture of a German Hun creeping up in the water. This image represents how the Germans were always creeping up in the water and attacking U.S. supply ships. The portrait also tells the people viewing it to buy liberty bonds to help support the war. Document 12, “Rivets Are Bayonets,” 1918, shows an average man loading a rivet with the war scene behind him. The background shows the American flag in a yellow sky which represents the constant gunfire that shows in the sky. Also, the shadow of the man is showing the men what they should be doing. Another good visual that shows how the country came together is Document 17, “Remember Your First Thrill of American Liberty,” 1917. Here it shows how people from different countries were sailing to Ellis Island to become citizens. This is bringing the citizens from the U.S. and the future citizens together because the government does not leave them out when

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