How Does Collectivization Affect Modern World

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Human kind have experienced many processes of changes throughout the history, and World War I was a new process that Winston Churchill talks about in his excellent article “Mass Effects in Modern World” written in 1925. He mentions that the new mode of life is different from previous because “collectivization” becomes more significant than individual independent, and he talks about the destructiveness of the WWI and its difference with previous wars. He also predicts some features of the future wars that would be seen in WWII. In modern world, the roles of individuals have been reduced by the impact of the mass production and corporation companies. This happens because of people’s attempt to work together in order to enhance the difficult works and decrease product’s prices.…show more content…
People had to work hard or travel a long distance to get their goods in the past days, but now they easily can get cheaper and more available goods. As people’s standard of life gets better by the mass production, the economy gets developed, and some social classes disappeared somehow. As he states in the article, the people’s life somehow gets standardized that very high class and low class of people are no longer seen, and most people are similar in their ways of life. People’s life has been globalized by the collectivization and mass production. However, the corporation of companies left a great impact on individual that diversity of individuals and their independent lost by the new lifestyle. For example, when people are connected with each other and use same goods all around the world, then they would have impacts on one another that eventually some conditions would make them to have similar
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