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In the depths of the Alaskan wilderness was a young girl named Sage. Sage, the great-granddaughter of Hermes, was graceful, intelligence and was extremely fast. She loved to watch sport games, especially soccer. Sage wants to learned how to play soccer and become a professional player in the Women's Major League Soccer. Her only problem is that there is no grass visible in Alaska. Snow covers the ground at all time. It is rare to see anyone outside their homes in the streets of Prudhoe Bay because a person would be able to get frostbite within ten minutes with no skin showing at all. Plus, Sage would have to leave her family and live in California all by her lonesome because her family would have enough money for Sage herself to go. On the …show more content…

There’s no potential in that Alaskan girl. That girl does not belong in an established civilization. She was born there for a reason, Zeus, to be isolated from everyone else and suffer a cold, depressing death.” Zeus and Hera argue about Sage for four years. Sage was now eighteen. She began thinking her dreams of becoming a professional athlete was over. She needed to move on with her life. Zeus saw this change of heart from Sage and begins to worry about her. He began to think “Maybe Hera was right about Sage. Maybe she belongs in Alaska, isolated from the rest of the world and suffer a cold, depressing death.” Then, he said to himself, “No, this is not right. Hera wants me to give up. There is another way I can help Sage.” He called up Hermes, his messenger, and told him, “Hermes! Go to Alaska, find Sage and guide her to California, so she can begin training. Hermes grabbed his winged sandals and began his adventure to Alaska. After two days of flying and running, Hermes finally made it to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. As soon as Hermes arrived in Prudhoe Bay, he instantly found Sage, walking on the sidewalk to a seafood restaurant. He flew over to Sage and said, “Sage, I have been sent by Zeus,

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