Dbq Essay On Ww2

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PastAfter World War 1 Germany suffered great loss. The Rhineland was demilitarized, the profits of the Saar Province was divided between France and Belgium. German land was given to other nations including Poland. The German society believed this was unfair and wanted their land back. When Adolf Hitler became the supreme dictator of Germany he re militarized the Rhineland and indoctrinated the people. Hitler used propaganda to convince the German citizens that the Aryan race was supreme and he started the mass killing of European Jews. Hitler wanted to rule over the whole of Europe and invaded Poland on the 1st of September 1939 which started the war. Many countries fought against Germany because of alliances. By 1944 the Allies (Canada, America …show more content…

During the American landings at Omaha beach the tide had picked up and took many of the men and vehicles out to sea (Source C, 2015) many ships sank due to the tide leaving only 2 ‘floating tanks’ which were supposed to be used as cover for the infantry. Glider crashes had caused a lot of casualties and German troops shot down the paratroopers (Source L, 2015). The Omaha attack drew back the Allies. The Americans failed to get a strong foothold on Omaha beach. (Source C, 2015) The losses of lives and ships had dented the plan but the Allies pushed on. The inland conditions were horrific. The Allied troops had to break through roots of trees which had created barriers. Narrow roads obstructed the troops from traveling quickly through the land. The German troops had all been moved towards southern England as they had been informed that that is where the invasion was going to commence. The beaches of Normandy did not have many troops available when the Allies attacked. Hitler did not want to send his troops to Normandy, fearing that the landings were just a distraction. Eventually Hitler had no choice but to move the troops towards Normandy. The Allies had an effective air force which took out all their main bridges so the German troops had to go around which caused severe delays. (Source I,

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