How Did Blitzkrieg Changed The War

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When Adolf Hitler used Blitzkrieg it changed the war by trying to end the war with a speedy win. Germany attacked swiftly with his powerful army. The element of surprise made Blitzkrieg work pretty well.
Germany was well prepared for World War Two. All military training in the late 1930’s was to prepare Germany’s army to use Blitzkrieg (Cartlidge and Charles, 15). Germany had one of the best artillery/ airpower at the start of the war (Cartlidge and Charles, 15-16).
Germany had planned large attacks. Germany attacked without declaring war (Chrisp, 12). The Germans kept their tanks together and used their airforce to clear the war for infantry (Cartlidge and Charles, 15). The allies could not believe the attacks Germany had (Robinowitz,

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