Neville Chamberlain Dbq Essay

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Sometimes not taking a stand can be considered taking a stand. For instance Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister who appeased Adolf Hitler by giving into all of Hitler’s demands. Hitler felt the treaty of Versailles was too harsh and began demanding more land and doing what he could to trifle over the restrictions given to Germany at the end of World War. this enabled Hitler to start World War ll. At the end of World War 1 Germany was stripped of their military. Germany was not aloud to have an Air Force and Germany was limited to 100,000 people to their Army. Germany was forced to give up tons of territory including The Port of Danzig, Poznan, Lodz, and Krakow. All this was written on the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty was written to end the first World …show more content…

(You give the background, the context of the events your paper will discuss, but you don’t state your paper’s main point: what stand did Chamberlain NOT take that, as you claim, nonetheless served as a kind of …show more content…

This document signed Czechoslovakia over to Germany. Neville Chamberlain gave away Czechoslovakia to Hitler so there would not be war. This, enabling Hitler to trifle over the agreements of the treaty of Versailles. By giving Hitler what he wanted Neville Chamberlain took a stand against the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was not aloud to take over any neighboring countries and was told to keep peace. As it says in this article. “Treaty of Versailles.” History.com, A&E Television Networks, 2009, You could say that Chamberlain felt bad for Germany and may have thought that the terms of the Treaty of Versailles might have been to harsh. By not taking a stand on Hitler and giving him what he wanted could be taking a stand (You need to explain how Chamberlain may have been strategically taking a stand. Here, it’s not apparent.). There could have been a reason Chamberlain gave Hitler some land

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