Germans Reaction To The Treaty Of Versailles

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This paragraph is going to talk about the Germans’ reaction to the Treaty of Versailles. Germans had a negative impact about the Treaty of Versailles. In a German newspaper called Deutsche Zeitung, published on 28 June 1919, it stated that “The disgraceful Treaty is being signed today. Don’t forget it! We will never stop until we win back what we deserve.” This obviously shows that Germans disliked the treaty when he describes the treaty “disgraceful” and they were really angry. Count Brockdorff-Rantzau, leader of the German delegation at Versailles said Article 231- the war-guilt clause - was: "a lie". Germany officially denied the war-guilt clause in 1927. He also stated “Those who sign this treaty, will sign the death sentence of many millions of German men, women and children.”-He is trying to portray that treaty of Versailles will make the German people suffer. The Germans also hated the loss of territory. Germany lost a tenth of its land and they claimed that the treaty was simply an attempt to destroy their economy. The Treaty forced German people to live in other countries. The people of Saar disliked the settlement much as most of them were Germans who obviously didn’t want to be ruled by the Allies for 15 years. Germans were also angry that they could not unite with the Austrian Germans. There were protests in the German Parliament and out on the streets. There was a revolution (the Kapp Putsch) against the treaty in Berlin in 1920. The majority of the

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