Spanish American War Outline

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Journal of War
Spanish-American War
Title: Spanish-American War
Location: Cuba and surrounding ocean
Dates: April 1898 - December 1898
Underlying Causes: Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain.
Immediate Cause: Sinking of USS Maine
Leaders (with bios):
• Spanish Political: Prime Minister Práxedes Mateo Sagasta: Liberal politician, agreed to constitution for Puerto Rico and Cuba that gave both countries more freedom. Often blamed for Spain's loss of territories.
• Spanish Navy: Admiral Pascual Cervera y topete: After graduating from a naval cadet school, he engaged in operations near Morocco, the Sulu Islands, and the Philippines. Afterward he lead the elusive Spanish naval fleet during the early part of the Cuban War
• US Political: President William McKinley: McKinley was the last president who served in the American Civil War. He was a private in the Union Army …show more content…

Meanwhile the two main German armies continued through France. US entry greatly helped Allies. The Battle of Vittorio Veneto was fought from 24 October to 3 November 1918 near Vittorio Veneto during the Italian Front of World War I. The Italian victory marked the end of the war on the Italian Front, secured the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and contributed to the ending of the First World War less than two weeks later.
Tactics: Germany secured the sea with submarines, also had the strongest and most modern army, although not the biggest. England tried throughout the war to get US to enter.
Technology (communication/propaganda): Yellow Journalism, telegraphs (Zimmermann)
Weapons, new technology: chemical warfare first used by the French but researched and popularized by Germans, air force (dog fights), mass bombing from planes, German submarines,

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