What Is The Cause Of World War 1 Essay

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World War 1 By Quincy Henson World War 1 was a global war that centralized in Europe, beginning on July 28, 1914 and ending on November 11, 1918. Differences within the various countries helped start the war, and the assassination of Austria’s Ferdinand definitely didn 't help the war either, who died exactly one month before the outbreaks of revolutions started. Soldiers typically fought in trenches, which were long and a narrow ditches dug for the soldiers to spend their days and nights in. The causes that began WW1 were alliances, militarism, and nationalism. Alliances was a major part in the spark of World War 1. The countries alliances included in this war consisted of Britain, France, and Russia (also known as the Triple Entente) against the Ottoman Empire, Austria/Hungary, and …show more content…

Militarism is one of the causes because war became a regular thing because people were raised to fight, and being a soldier was such a heroic title during the ages of the war. They believed men were born to fight in war from their childhood, and military is in everything that a country does. Britain was the largest empire in the world at that time, holding 20% of the globe and 25% of the world population. Germany was jealous that Britain had built up such a vast empire, so they tried improving the foundations of their military to try to beat out Britain. As Kaiser William II (the leader of the German navy) attempted restoring his troops, Britain quickly took notice to this and better yet upgraded their troops as well, knowing Germany didn 't stand a chance. The ongoing tensions between the two countries contributed greatly to the war. Lastly, nationalism was a great contributor to this war. Nationalism is a strong love to your native soil, resulting in pride to your country. Everyone was so ecstatic on the thought of going to

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