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Did you know that D-Day isn’t only for Operation Overlord? D-Day means the day any military operation, Operation Overlord happens to be the best known and is mostly called D-Day now. (“D-Day Overview”) Operation Overlord was one of the largest amphibious invasions ever planned, and lots of people are not sure what exactly happened on D-Day. There were five beaches that were attacked on D-Day, Franklin Roosevelt was so unsure that Operation Overlord would even succeed that he made a prayer the day the operation was to happen. Fortunately for Franklin Roosevelt and all of the Allies the plan succeeded and it was going well by the end of June 6, 1944.

The Battle of Normandy, also called D-Day, happened from June to August in 1944. The intention of Operation Overlord (D-Day) was to take Western Europe from Hitler and liberate France. Operation Overlord was one of the biggest amphibious invasions of all time. The Allies had even planned a fake invasion from a different area of Europe to have the surprise attack. The Normandy Beach that was attacked was over 2,400 miles long. The operation was delayed because of bad weather, but it didn’t ruin the plan because the Allies were able to launch the attack the next day. (“D-Day”) …show more content…

Paratroopers started capturing bridges and ships started firing at Hitler’s “impenetrable” sea wall. By the end of June 6 over 150,000 Allied soldiers had landed on the French Beach. Hitler believed there was going to be an attack coming from the Seine River, this was a fake invasion planned by the Allies to fool the Hitler. This caused Hitler to not send more reinforcements to the Normandy Beach, giving the Allies an advantage. The Allies air force blew up bridges, this caused the Germans to take a longer route. At the end of June, the Allies had taken over the Cherbourg port, landed 850,000 men and 150,000 vehicles, and were continuing to liberate France.

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