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Operation OVERLORD was a large-scale lodgement planned by allied forces as a new offensive to capture and hold the Continent, this Operation could not have succeeded without the successful Normandy Landings, which today is known by the name “D-DAY”.

Lots of effort, planning and secrecy was used to coordinate the Normandy Landings. As Allied forces started to recruit the involvement of other countries and produce all the necessary equipment required for this offensive they needed a strategic way to deceive German forces and draw them away from their plans.
Hitler and his Army had been preparing for an invasion from the English channel ever since they claimed France. Erwin Rommel, a friend of Hitler and a prominent Field Marshall had been …show more content…

These weren’t the only deception tactics employed by the Allies, over a few months leading up to D-DAY the allies would deploy Dummy Paratroopers, tanks and so much more into enemy territory, which led to the success of Operation Fortitude South, a similar strategy but with the intention of misleading German forces into preparing for an attack on Calais France.

The allied forces were extremely aware of the risks involved, moving hundreds of thousands of troops directly into heavily fortified enemy territory would not be easy, that’s why they spent considerable amounts of effort into their deception plans, training and so much more, they had even planned the perfect weather cycle on which they should …show more content…

At ‘6:30 AM June Sixth 1944’ The allied forces reached the beaches of Normandy and began their amphibious assaults. Forces were divided into 5 different targets, American forces landed at “Utah” and “Omaha”, English forces were deployed to “Gold” and “Sword” while Canadian forces were deployed to “Juno”. The strategic advantage of separating forces into different concentration points allowed for them to dominate their targets and sweep through close by territory before reconvening with other teams.

24,000 Troops were allocated to target “Utah”, 34,000 troops to “Omaha”, 25,000 on “Gold” and 22,000 on “Juno”. The troops on the beaches were closely defended by Naval Artillery and aerial bombardments and attacks to fend off any incoming

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