Adolf Hitler's Speech On The Battle Of Stalingrad

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Hitler 's Speech on the Battle of Stalingrad

Adolf Hitler was the Leader of Nazi Germany. Hitler was born in Austria on the twentieth of April in 1889.He lived in Vienna from 1909 to 1913 ,then he moved to Munich in 1913.He was in Munich when the first World War broke out on August 1914 . Hitler joined the German army and got wounded several times. After the war he joined the German Workers Party then he became its leader. He changed the party 's name into the National Socialist German Workers Party and then the Nazi Party. Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933.Hitler started to restore the economy after the Great Depression. He wanted to expand the German lands and expand the German empire. Germany occupied Austria ,Sudeten and Czechoslovakia by 1939.Hutler eliminated the Jews from German life .The Jews were excluded from most of the professional activity. They were sent into camps where they were beaten ,absurd and sometimes murdered. The second World War began in September in 1939.Germany conquered Poland,Denmark,Norway,Belgium and France. Hitter thought of attacking the Soviet Union ,in order to exterminate Communism and to expand the German empire.Hilter 's ideology consisted of anti_Semitic,Volkish,Social Darwinist and anti_Marxist ideas. Hitler believed that he defending Germany through the persecution of the Jews or the discrimination against them ,as to him the Jews were Germany’s worst

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