Hitler's Final Solution Dbq

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Hitler was a demagogue that obtained power over the German people by promising them to create a future powerful Germany comprised of a perfect Aryan race and a unified people. To do this, Hitler had to put carry out the Final Solution, save the Germans from their dreadful economy of unemployment, and free them of the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. In document six, we see that during the 1920’s in Germany, there was a great economic failure which mainly affected the middle class. Throughout this economic recession, “savings of a lifetime and small fortunes melted into a few [pennies].” People even sold valuable possessions in order to obtain some food. Therefore, Hitler rose to power and was supported by most of the middle class because through his promises to fix the dreadful economy at the time and create a new, powerful Germany, he was found …show more content…

Similar to the middle class, Hitler also blamed the Jews for many of the problems that occurred at the time. As a result, the German’s supported the idea of the Final Solution. The Final Solution was the Nazi’s attempt to create the perfect Aryan race by annihilating the Jews. Through Hitler’s attempts to create a unified, perfect Aryan race by exterminating the common enemy, Jews, he was supported by the German’s. In document three, we see how appealing Hitler was in his speeches. For example, Kurt Ludecke, a Nazi Ambassador, wrote how “Hitler’s words were like a scourge. When he spoke of the disgrace of Germany, I felt ready to spring on any enemy.” We can see from here that when Hitler put all the blame on the Jews, it was so convincing that people began to believe his ideas, support him, and began growing an enmity towards the

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