How Did Hitler Fight In Ww2

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Hitler in WWII

Imagine, a friend who recently joined the German military. Unfortunately, he has no say in what work they are assigned. So they sent him to watch the prisoners in the concentration camps. What he saw was a nightmare, families getting gassed, and children starving to death. Why would we do this to people? How could Hitler sleep at night knowing that millions were being slaughtered under his order? Hitler's control over the Nazis made him a great person to rule. Germany created a sinful mistake when crowning Hitler their ruler, for he overused his power. Hitler was the main contributor to Germany's losses because of how he rose to power, what part he played in Germany during the war, and how he abused his power in the military. …show more content…

Hitler blamed the Jews for what happened in ww1. So when he tried to convince the Weimar Republic to start a new war, he declared, “Either victory of the Aryan, or annihilation of the Aryan and the victory of the Jew” (“How Did Adolf Hitler Happen?”). The idea of a perfect race sounded suitable to the Weimar republic. Also, Hitler was very popular with the citizens, therefore he held their favor in the decision. The way Hitler evolved to be the leader of Germany is strange. The Nazi party grew too large for other leaders to command them. With no other choice, President Paul von Hindenburg made Hitler the new leader (“How Did Adolf Hitler Happen?”) Why did the government let them become this oversized? Well, the Nazis are amazing protection (for the government) from their enemies? Also, Hitler was smart, so he was a prime candidate. Hitler may have been the Führer, but before that, he kept millions of citizens to back him and the Nazi party (“How Did Adolf Hitler Happen?”). So even if the government declined Hitler's plan, he could overthrow them or merely do it anyway. So, knowing that he was the clear choice for the fuhrer, he became one. Hitler could control his well-trained army because they dominated the …show more content…

It was because of the Nazis that Germany’s citizens didn’t have to give up their families, such as in WWI. When the Nazis looted, they were required to bring food home. That way in Germany, the people didn’t have to work to purchase food. Instead, they could work on the war efforts (Berenbaum). This was one of the most imaginative plans they accomplished. It gave the government support from their people. This way, when men march into a war, most people wouldn’t protest. Germany's success in the first two years of the war led to Hitler thinking his establishing hegemony in Europe was accomplishable (Berenbaum). Hitler then became cocky and made unnecessary calls. He also drove for invasions since he believed Europe would collapse with little effort. The Nazis planned to eliminate the Savs in the east so they could repopulate it with the Aryans. In the end, they eliminated 30 million Savs (Berenbaum). This is a great example of Hitler's cockiness in the first 21/2 years. He made the incorrect choice to advance on the smaller guys instead of his major enemies. Then the Japanese roped the U.S. into the war. Leading to the fall of Hitler's rule. The admiration of his followers led to his overconfidence, which was the beginning of the

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