The Cause And Effects Of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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“The Jewish quarter was surrounded by barbed wire and later closed off with a 10­foot high, 11­mile ­long brick wall, which established the Warsaw ghetto. A 24­ member Jewish Council, created by the Nazis and known as the Judenräte, maintained order and was the administrative link between the Jews and the Nazi Occupiers”(Warsaw Ghetto Uprising). An uprising that lasted five months by the Jewish people was turned around when Nazis bombed the ghetto and demolished synagogues in WWII. They moved in 150,000 Jews and established the Warsaw Ghetto. Over the next couple years it became cramped and many of the people died of starvation, disease, and extermination. Many Jews were also transported to death camps which was Hitler’s final solution. A Jewish Fighting Organization was formed by Mordechai Anielewicz to construct hideouts, to create plans, and take control of the ghetto entirely. The Jewish people disobeyed the Nazis orders which was considered a victory because they were not forced out of the ghetto.
While Germany invaded Poland in 1939 Anielewicz was a leading member of the Warsaw branch of Hashomer Hatzair, a communist Zionist youth organization. He fled Warsaw and headed East to get away and make a plan. When he returned to Warsaw with his girlfriend the Nazis had already taken over and created barbed wired ghettos. He became active in the underground movement to help people escape this horrific place.
There were many ghettos, extermination camps, and labor camps that

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