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The Second World War was a global war starting in 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. Lasting roughly six years, with 60 million deaths, and 6 million jews killed, it was the bloodiest battle ever known. Most argue that Germany solely caused the war, but truthfully it had many different causes with Germany's invasion of Poland being the catalyst. The four main causes of World War II are the Treaty of Versailles, the economy, Fascism, and American/European responses. We will go into detail of how each of these contributed to the beginning of Second World War. Following the First World War, multiple countries came together to form a treaty and resolve disputes. In short terms, Germany was given all the blame and suffered more heavy loses. …show more content…

To try and stabilize the economy, German officials began printing money, but this only caused inflation making the money almost worthless. This caused widespread anger and humiliation throughout Germany (EQ - Doc C.). In conclusion, the Treaty of Versailles contributed to the start of World War II because it favored the Big Four (USA, France, Britain, and Italy), it took land from Germany and established demilitarized zones, limited the German army, and forced Germany to pay reparations. With all these factors pressing on the German people, people began wanting to get back at the other nations, and restore Germany and all of its …show more content…

This is a totalitarian form of government which an extremely strong central government. This form of government promotes warfare and completing the individual countries goals (Rise - Introduction). One example of this was Italy, which invaded Ethiopia to expand the country's power (Rise - Italy). When Hitler came to power, he established a fascist form of government and as a result began building up his military against the Treaty of Versailles, putting troops in demilitarized zones, and took over pieces of land to expand his empire (Rise- Germany). He wanted to control the entire world. Hitler also preached that Germans were superior to other races, especially Jews, Slavs, and communists. In the end a Fascism run government promotes its countries goals, warfare, and believes it is superior to all, Germany and Italy both had fascist governments which promoted Hitler's radical beliefs and caused World War

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