A Short Summary On The Battle Of The Bulge

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The Battle of the Bulge began on December 16, 1944. It was part of World War II. At this time the war was intense, and did not appear to end anytime soon. The battle started off with a German attack on the morning of the 16th. German tank divisions managed to strike violently and push American forces back onto their American territory. They managed to do this by coming through weak spots on American defenses. On this same day there were also reinforcements sent by airdrops. The point was to strengthen the forces. Due to the successful reinforcements, Allied planes were able to attack German tanks. Throughout the first week of the battle, the Germans heavily attacked the U.S. side. Germans started on strongly and bridges, gas areas, and roads were destroyed. Hitler’s plan worked at first. He made his plan in his own way and then organized for everything to be done. For example, he made sure units and divisions were organized for his soldiers. He had a personal scheme to separate the U.S. and British, then throw the Allies into confusion. His hope was that the two forces be broken up, and then a victory break up Allied supply lines. The Germans had an offensive line, and this was to disrupt the Allies, while other German soldiers took over Allied key transportation. Hitler really wanted to take down the Allies because he was not fond of them. He viewed them as weak, as if they could not do much. …show more content…

The Americans fought with strength and dedication for weeks. They gave their all, even through the horrendous conditions. Tanks drove into Allied territory and created a bulge, which is how the Battle of the Bulge gained its name. After this happened, the Germans continued to move west and they captured Americans. The captured were then moved to a large field. They had no chance and were killed with machine guns and

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