Explain The Key Battles And Military Strategies Of The American Revolution

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Dakota Eikermann
Cheri Downs
HIST 101
25 November 2015
Key battles and Military strategies of the American Revolution
The American Revolution was a great deal of American History. It marked the first time in history that people fought for their independence. Even though there were not as many deaths in this war compared to the wars that would come in later years, it was still a great part of history and not only for America, but other countries as well. With the absence of the American Revolution, the United States would not be where it is today. Military strategies that were developed in key battles throughout the American Revolution led to the United States claiming and declaring its independence.
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They named it as the Battle of Bunker Hill. After learning the British were planning to send troops out to keep an eye on the hills surrounding Boston, the American soldiers were ordered by William Prescott to build their barricade on Breed’s Hill. The next day, the British marched to Breed’s Hill in attempt to take out American soldiers. The Americans were told to hold their fire until the British were close, that way they could save ammunition. When the British reached a certain point, the Americans let loose fire that forced the British to retreat. After regrouping and rebuilding their troops, the British marched back to Breed’s Hill for a third time. They fired on the Americans, wiping out close to 1,000 troops, killing over 200, and leaving almost 800 wounded. Though the British “won” the Battle of Bunker hill, the Americans achieved a victory of their own. Despite the number of deaths, the Americans held their own and put a great deal of trouble on the British armies as well. This gave the Americans the confidence they would need for upcoming …show more content…

The British commander General Sir William Howe ordered his men to seize and to start taking shelter in winter quarters. If the British were to advance the outcome of the war could of ended up very bad for the American forces. The Americans did not have the proper equipment for the winter, with most men still in their summer uniforms and many did not have shoes to wear. The Americans were very reluctant considering they were outnumbered and most importantly not ready to fight in a war in the winter. With the delay from the British army Washington started to plan his attack on Trenton. First he had to reestablish his men's confidence to enlist more men to fight. Washington’s plan was to block off the escape of the British by taking the bridge over Assunpink Creek. The British commander, Colonel Johann Rall, had intelligence of this, but he believed that his men could defeat the American forces in open

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