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History Of World War 1 World War 1 took the lives of more than nine million soldiers, twenty one million were wounded. Civilian casualties caused indirectly by the war numbered close to ten million. The two nations that were most affected were Germany and France. They each sent 80 percent of their male population between ages 15 and 49 into the battle. World War 1 reflected the danger of great powers being dragged into war by disputes among smaller allies. The Associated Press ranked World War 1 as the 8th most important event of the 20th century. World War 1 destroyed four empires, they were German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Romanov it also touched off colonial revolts in the Middle East and Vietnam. In fact, almost everything that subsequently happened occurred because of World War 1: The Great Depression, World War II, The Holocaust, The Cold War, and the fall of all the empires. A …show more content…

1st infantry Division captures the village of Cantigny from the Germans and hold it. The (AEF) is commanded by General John Pershing who is determined to maintain all the American fighting units. By then, 650,000 American soldiers arrived in France growing by 10,000 by day. A couple of months later a combination of French and American attacks along the Marne marks the first in a series of coordinated Allied counter charges on the Western Front. Three French armies and five American divisions cross the Marne River. With this assault, the German 7th and 9th Armies begin a withdrawal from the Marne. The U.S. 1st Army and the French 4th Army begin a joint offensive to clear out the strongly defended corridor between the Meuse River and the Argonne Forest. The troops progress yard by yard over the muddy, crater filled terrain with 75,000 American fatalities suffered over six weeks of combat. The British 1st and 3rd armies, assisted by Australians and the U.S. 2nd Corps, break through a 20-mile portion of the Hindenburg Line among Cambrian and St.

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