Imperialism In Ww1

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World War one had many devastating impact on the soldiers. There were four trends that led to the world war. Some of them were Nationalism, Militarism, Imperialism and the Alliance System. Some allies in the system were France, Britain and Russia. Nationalism was devotion to the interests and culture of one’s nation. Militarism was the development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy. Imperialism is a policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories. The Alliance System was the nations banding together for protection or defensive purposes. The Alliance System split into two different groups in Europe. One was the Allies who were the British, French and the Russians. …show more content…

They were fighting in many different locations from France to Iraq, and Greece to China, even the North Sea to the Pacific Ocean. They experienced many different and unique types of combat. Men ordered to attack had to climb out of their trenches, carrying their heavy weapons and heavy equipment, and they had to move to the enemy 's ground quietly and efficiently. The objective was to reach the enemy 's front line, where the defending troops would be sheltering in their own trenches, and use rifles or bayonets to attack them directly. The article explains how casualties were extremely high. Many people were wounded and killed. Wounded men were usually carried back or sent to hospitals to be treated. Most attackers suffered higher casualties than defenders probably because they would be the ones to head to the enemy 's territory. While the dead could only be buried if there was a suitable break in the fighting. In The Lost Battalion some facts that relate to the discuss of bravery is they never give up. They are most likely scared and worried but they are proud to defend the country they are fighting for. They are also very brave. They see many men die or get shot and they have to watch this happen all the time. They might even watch their family members die and they go out on the field with people they do not even know. The people who go out to fight are very brave and should be extremely proud of

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