American Imperialism In World War 1

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Before World War 1 started, the United States was forced to abandon its neutrality and that is when congress voted in favor of the U.S. entry into World War 1. The government had abandoned its neutrality that America had maintained for three years and the United States felt many pressures that would also end up leading the nations of Europe to a devastating warfare. The western world were deeply influenced by the concept of nationalism because nationalism led was what led to the competitive and antagonistic rivalries among the nations. Many different colonies had supplied the European imperial powers with raw materials and manufactured goods. The growth of nationalism and imperialism led to the increased military spending and the imperial powers…show more content…
The French were the first to use gas during the war. In August 1914, the French used grenades filled with tear gas to attack the Germans. In 1915, the Germans began to use chlorine. The first gas considered lethal. Mustard gas became a significant source of dread for soldiers as simple exposure to it could burn flesh and could also cause massive blisters. However, as the use of various gases increased, the soldiers became more prepared to confront them. It has been estimated that only about 4% of the deaths in the war could be attributed to gas. The first use of the tank also took place during World War 1. The British and the French led the way in developing tanks, while the Germans focused on anti-tank weapons. Initially, tanks had been brought in as a solution to the stalemate caused by trench warfare on the western front. The first appearance on the battlefield was in 1916. The British rushed them in combat and consequently many were plagued with reliability issues. The heavily bond out terrain proved difficult to navigate and only the most mobile tanks were successful. Nevertheless, the appearance of tanks increased throughout the war, as the issues with earlier models were addressed. Both British and French tanks played a significant role in the allied…show more content…
The head of CPI was a journalist named George Creel and he persuaded the nation’s artists and other people like the advertising agencies to promote the war. The advertising agencies created thousands of paintings, posters, cartoons, and sculptures to help promote the war. There were also stickers that encouraged the workers to join the I.W.W union but this union later on didn’t exist anymore. The outbreak of World War 1 and the drop in the European immigration increased the job opportunities for the African Americans in steel mills, mutations plants, and

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