Trench Warfare Bloody Essay

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Why was Trench Warfare So Bloody?
“Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders Field” (McCrae). In 1914-1918, a major conflict developed in Europe. Today it is known as World War I. The War was known to start when Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of the Austria Hungary Empire, was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist group. World War I had casualties of more than 9 million soldiers. World War I was very bloody, but why? Trench Warfare was so bloody because of machine guns, planes, and shell shock.
Trench Warfare was so bloody because of machine guns. [“The accuracy of American artillery fire… could have been considerably improved upon” (Diehl). Although accuracy wasn’t the best, machine guns made a huge difference. The machine gun was known to cause the most deaths in World War I. An estimated 92% of casualties were caused by these guns. Since the machine gun was so deadly, it made the war a different experience. *Some would say it made it bloodier.** These guns would be the solution to why there were so many more casualties in WWI than other wars.* Machine guns weren’t the only advancements during the wars industrial revolution.] Planes became an …show more content…

[“Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart” (Manfred von Richtofen). This quote is talking about fighting with planes. The pilots are flying freely until fuel runs out, or death acts upon them. Planes had missions during the war. Missions included flying above the enemy to spy on them, and to hunt down enemy planes” (Eaker). Since the planes could capture the enemy with a camera, it led to troops knowing what the enemy was doing. This meant that troops could attack the enemy, and eventually cause more deaths. *More deaths, and injuries, were caused because of planes.* ] The war didn’t just happen in the air. It was everywhere. Even when the fight ended, the pain never seized to stop on those who

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