American Neutrality In World War 1 Essay

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If a nation does not fight for a side in a war and stays neutral then it is not smart to stand there and provoke them, especially if the nation is one of the superpowers of the world. Germany pushed America to step into World War 1 because they made bad decisions on other nations that also took a toll on America. Germany antagonized president Woodrow Wilson 's neutrality in WW1 by destroying ships such as the Lusitania and going back on promises that they made. But the Germans were not the only ones to drag America into this war. America felt that trades between them and allied nations were being taken advantage of, and they felt that they just needed to end the war. The longer the war went on the more American citizens were wanting to join the war, so people helped push America into the Great War. America would have stayed neutral in WW1 if Germany didn 't test them every point. They really tested the U.S. when they torpedoed the British Passenger ship the Lusitania, which broke international laws called Cruise Rules. Americans didn 't care about the law as much as the 128 Americans who …show more content…

At the beginning of the war most Americans didn’t want to be in it, but as it went on and more and more events happened the more people in America wanted it all to end. They started making posters for the army symbolizing that the Germans are ruthless and will be heading towards America. People took protests to America 's neutrality when the Lusitania blew up, and when Zimmerman’s telegram was released. President Wilson didn’t want to join the war either because he saw it as not our problem. But even he was intrigued to join the war. Wilson was tired of the fighting too and said that the war needed to end. Wilson also felt that the allies were wanting to much to finance their war and wasn 't getting anything out of this war. He said that there needed to be peace without victory. Wilson said that he is not looking for domination or to conquer, he’s merely looking to end the

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