Ww2 Turning Point

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United States entering World War 2 was the turning point of the war for the Allies. The Allies were being bomb by air and losing on every front of the war, from England to Africa and beyond. The United States wanted to stay neutral and did so for the first 2 years of the war.

The United States used economic sanctions on Japan to try and deter their aggression in Asia and the Pacific. They supplied Britain, Soviet Union and China with war materials and even deployed troops to Iceland, relieving Britain soldiers. However, the sanctions against Japan only outraged them leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Americans were entering the war by joining the RAF Squadron in Britain.

On December 7, 1941 a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese changed …show more content…

They suffered a disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Kasserine Pass in Feb. 1943. There was internal bickering between the United States and Britain. However, this was a turning point for the war. President Roosevelt put General Patton in charge.

The Allies stopped the advance of the German army in North Africa and began pushing back. The British commander Montgomery broke thru the Mareth Line and on May 13, 1943 defeated the Axis forces.

The most important turning point of the war was D Day in Normandy. This was let by General Eisenhower and the United States Allies. On June 5, 1943 the Allies attacked taking Germany by surprise. Slowly the Allies advanced and pushed German back. In August Paris was liberated from German

New technologies helped to win the war. Radar helped to locate planes that were coming to bomb the Allies. Sonar helped to detect submarines. However, the Germans ushered in the long range warfare with the V-1 and V-2 rockets.

But in the end it was the Allies that defeated the Axis. They bomb Germany into submission. But with the end of the war in Europe the United States still had to fight the Japanese in the

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