Trench Warfare During World War 1

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“How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing,” Neville Chamberlain once said. Trench Warfare was a common tactic used during World War I. Both the Allies and the Central powers used this type of warfare to try to compete with each other. It was often very bloody and resulted in a huge loss of life. Trenches were dug in two different ways, with a space of land in the middle. Many men died in this “no-man’s land.” Trench warfare was deadly, horribly inefficient, and brutal for the soldiers living there. Trench warfare was deadly because of all the new technologies being utilized during World War I. One of the new and improved technologies was the machine gun. The machine gun was responsible for killing many soldiers when they crossed into “no-man’s land.” The machine gun would fire hundreds of bullets with the pull of the trigger. Another new technology was the tank. The first tank was created in 1815 and was called the British Mark I. They were used to cross the land and get to the enemy. Eventually, the tactics for stopping tanks were …show more content…

The war lasted four years because of the brutal battle tactics taking place. Generals sent out scores of soldiers into the battlefield, and almost everyone would be killed down by guns. The artillery would try to give the soldiers some cover by sending shells over the bunkers and into the enemy's trench. The armies would take turns sending men into battle, which it did not work. This hassle would only gain yards at a time. The Allies and the Central powers also had different strategies with the French relying on speed and surprise and the Germans relying on firepower. This led to firefights in between the trenches. Eventually, with the invention of the tank, armies changed their tactics and progress was easier to see every

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