Essay On Advancements In World War 1

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During the time period of World War 1 there were many advancements in weaponry that was used during this time period. World War 1 took place from 1914-1918. The way weapons were used in the war was drastically changed and many weapons were new and were being used for the first time, The style of fighting was very different and the new weapons that were introduced were able to take over the way wars were fought. The new weapon of gas was introduced during this was and was a major weapon during the war. Other new advancements like airplanes were used to drop bombs on enemy lines. Weapons like tanks , flamethrowers, and machine guns were a driving force in the war. The new advancements in technology were able to change the war wars were fought …show more content…

Airplanes changed the way wars were fought because with airplanes you were able to have eyes in the sky on enemy trenches and were able to drop bombs on the enemy from the sky. Airplanes was a huge advancement in World War 1 because they opened up opportunities to spy on the enemy. The first “missions were carried out as observation. Spotting artillery, troop concentrations and supply lines”.(HistoryNet) This shows how the advancement in technology was a big part in the war because it was able to give you the ability to be ahead of your enemy because you can see where their troops are and their strategy. Airplanes were also a big part of the war because they were used by both sides and had major affects on how it gave them the ability to locate enemies and their goods. During World War 1 the advance in aerial warfare grew and things like dogfights broke out and were a major part of the war. When two airplanes would fight it would be called a dogfight because when the two planes fought it sounded like a dogs because they were moving . The “first fighter planes were only equipped with machine-guns which were fixed onto the top wing”(John Simkin) This quote shows how the fighter plane was a new technology in the war and there was no secure gun that was able to be attached. This also shows how dogfights were very new to the war and when the two planes would fight one would have to maneuver while another had to shoot at the enemy. Now this technology has advanced and there are guns in the

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