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The article “Military Developments of World War I” by David T. Zabecki focuses on the developments in strategy, tactics, and doctrine in warfare by all parties during World War I between 1914 and 1918 as a result of the evolution of military technology during said years. David Zabecki delivers an expository piece that aims to convince the general population that World War I due to the immense prevalence of World War II in the public eye as the origin of modern warfare. Despite the matter-of-fact nature of the text, the informative structure is riddled with subtle rhetorical devices that seek to convince the reader that World War I was, indeed, the origin of modern warfare due to developments in military strategy, tactics, doctrine, technology, …show more content…

The first is his usage of topoi; aside from the clearly evident introduction and conclusion, he utilizes definition, comparison, (causal) relationship, and refutation (counter argument). The second is his style which mainly revolves around correctness and clarity; he delivers his statements in an accurate and punctual manner, with no linguistic flair or ornateness. Or rather, it can be argued that his ornateness is his straightforwardness and ease of comprehension by the …show more content…

That is actually a dual example of both ethos (citing 30 years of scholarly works/research) and definition as it defines World War I as the progenitor of modern warfare. Zabecki cites the popular misconception that World War I in comparison to World War II had nothing to do with modern warfare through “[b]oth the popular and the scholarly images of that war paint the picture… without a trace of strategic thought or tactical innovation. Thus, it has become accepted wisdom that World War I has nothing to teach the student of modern war, especially in comparison to World War II, with its fast-moving armored and airborne divisions that are the basic models of military forces today. “ However, he further elaborates by stating that “[t]he battlefield problems prior to 1914 bore very little relation to those of 1918. Those of World War II were essentially the same as those of 1918 - and those of 2014 remain quite similar.” and thus relates World War I to its successor and modern

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