Warfare During World War I

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During World War I many changes were occurring in the United States. The War also marked the start of new ideas and concepts that would deeply affect the War and the outcome of it. Three things that strongly affected the United States and their participation in the war are; propaganda, technology, and warfare. Propaganda was not used as much until World War I. Propaganda was used as a weapon by the United states. The use of propaganda was used as a tactic to encourage the war. It was also used as a search for support and help from American citizens. Posters, movies, commercials, etc. were used in search of support and involvement. Citizens used it to express their support, opinions, and their worries about the possible encroachment of the War.
Technology had a large effect on World War I. New weapons made for the war were stronger and more complex than ever before. The weapons were …show more content…

One way of warfare during WWI was chemical warfare. Chemical warfare was first used when gas was just released from large cylinders and carried by the air and wind into enemy lines. This eventually evolved and other gases were loaded into the shells The shells were then blasted into other enemies trenches and forts. People did wear gas masks to try and protect themselves from the gases but soldiers could not fight as hard with a gas mask on their face. Another type of warfare used during World War I was trench warfare. Trench warfare is when troops line their men in trenches dug into the ground and defend from the trenches. The trenches are usually so deep that you can stand up straight in them and still be covered by the walls of the trench. It is used when the enemy is decently close to the ground being protected. Trench warfare peaked during WWI on the western front when troops of millions of soldiers faced each other in a line of trenches extending from the Belgian coast through northeastern France to

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