Artillery In World War 1

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World War 1 saw the death of millions of people. Why is it so many people got injured and died during the course of World War 1? Why was the war so long? The answer? The answer to this question is artillery. Artillery is arguably one of the most vital innovations in World War 1. The development of artillery gave both sides a key weapon which was technologically superior to every other firearm on the battlefield. However, due it being technologically superior compared with many other weapons used by infantry soldiers on the ground during the war, artillery had the largest impact on the people who had to face it. Infantry soldiers. But how did the development of artillery impact infantry soldiers in World War 1? The development of technologically advanced weapons such as powerful artillery made it much harder for infantry soldiers on the battlefront in the first world war. Artillery had a huge negative impact on infantry soldiers as it not only caused more soldiers to get injured during the war but it also increased the duration of the war due to the introduction of trench warfare. Finally, artillery also caused mortality rates to sharply increase during the war. The development of artillery increased the number of injuries to increase during the course of World War 1. Almost 85% of German soldier injuries in World War 1 were caused by artillery explosions and shrapnel from artillery that would hit infantry soldiers. There were more than 4.2 million German infantry
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