Greek Mythology In The Wonder Woman

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The Wonder Woman film avails a rich source of opportunities for discussion of the impact of classical mythology on contemporary media. Diana of Themyscia belongs to the Amazon tribe of mysterious warrior women as described by Greek myth tales. The background of the origin of this warrior tribe in the film is a conflict of divine proportions among Greek gods. The battle is between the divine forces that one would seemingly study more so how Zeus the king of Gods is portrayed. However, even though the film is heavily reliant on multiple components of traditional Greek mythology, it is no way a proper alignment to the themes presented in those myths. Rather, it relies on an increasingly Christian perspective of informing its narrative to the …show more content…

This is an observation of the human-like struggles for control although, in this instance, they are played out in a divine stage as a seeming extension of the ancient mythical tales. However, exceeding that, the representation of Zeus and Ares in the movie "Wonder Woman" is not in proper alignment with Greek mythology . For instance, the movie describes Zeus as a benevolent mere god with love for his human creations and attempts to come to their defense from the corruption of Ares by creating the Amazon race …show more content…

The default myths were concerned with gaining power and authority as a reflection on a divine measure of daily struggles within human society . The conflict represented in the movie "Wonder Woman" meanwhile is concerned with the determination of the being of humanity in itself. This poses the question are humans inherently good or evil? Mankind is created by Zeus and is turned to evil ways. The conflict between the father and son takes on much higher stakes compared to simply "who is in charge" and instead is concerned with the ultimate destiny of humanity in the approach that Greek myths are not

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