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The story of the Green River Killer begins with an author who was the former partner of the infamous Ted Bundy. She first came to the knowledge of the killer through a small clipping in a newspaper. It was not anything that would immediately catch an average reader’s eye, but that day it caught hers (Rule, 2004). This led to her nearly twenty year journey of trying to identify and solve the case of the Green River Killer. During the time of the killer roaming free, the general public was still confusing serial killers with mass murderers. The Green River Killer was referred to as a mass murderer during this time, because they had not found enough bodies to label him as a serial murderer or a serial killer. It was August of 1982 when the dead …show more content…

Two boys found her under a bridge on July 15, 1982 (Levi-Minizi, Shields, 2007). When detectives found and told her mother about her passing, the mother was not surprised at all. She told them that her daughter’s name was Wendy and that she had a feeling that her daughter was going to die at the hands of one of her clients. When the mortician examined her body, they discovered that she had been strangled to death with her own underwear, and that she died before she was placed in the river (Rule, 2004). The town that is around the area was not too concerned with her death at the time because they were more focused on two deaths caused by cyanide …show more content…

She decided to hitchhike and her body was found three hours later. Investigators assumed that her case was unrelated and left it unsolved. She did not fit the profile of the other victims because she was not a prostitute. Detectives later found out that she was in fact a victim of the Green River Killer (Rule, 2004). Another victim, Patricia, who was a prostitute, was found on June 13, 1982. She was only fifteen years old. Angelita was twenty-five years old when she was killed. She had been missing since the spring before her body was found (Rule, 2004). It could be possible that she was dead the entire time and no one knew. All of the cases went unsolved, but they had the strangulation in common. The counties surrounding the Green River had plenty of unsolved cases that were similar, but because they were different counties, not that many dots were connected. Over all, some of the unsolved cases were caused by the Green River Killer and some were

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