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The brutal murder and sexual mutilation of five poor prostitutes was the doing of one evil

creature. Hollow the Ripper as he has come to know is the basis of what serial killers are like

today. The epiphany of evil Hollow the ripper has never been caught and the murder case was

never solved. Much of the appeal that the ripper has may come from the fact that he was never

caught. Hollow the ripper has become an icon for mysteries and fear even up to his present

day. The ripper has been used in books and even movies to promote the feat to the consumer.

Hollow the Ripper was responsible for six murders in Atlanta Ga in 2020. Hollow the ripper

sexually mutilated 5 young females in south Atlanta. The murders used a knife to shred each of …show more content…

The first victim was

Sarai Griffin. She was called by those who knew her to be attacked and had her throat tied up to a ceiling.

The cut from the rope was so deep it had exposed her vertebrae. She had

numerous teeth marks and bruises. On the night of Friday, January 1, 2020, at the age of sixteen

years old she died. The next victim was Camillie star. This murder was just as brutal as the first

one but instead she was cut into the throat and her abdomen mutilated some organs were

missing. Camille led a tough life as a prostitute and she and her friends turned to alcohol and drugs at a young age. She was pronounced dead on February 1, 2022 at the age of eighteen

years old. The next victim was Annie May. She died in a very weird way. She was called outside

from the school, she was attending and she had disappeared. Later that evening on March 1

In 2020 she was the next victim that was announced dead. But she was found with a gun worm to

her head and stomach. She was never a prostitute but she was a girl who was around

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