Comparing Edward Gein And Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Death stalks around every corner, in cruel and unusual ways. People tend to be drawn to folk tales of deadly creatures. Origins of stories are often exaggerated, and not completely true. For example, when people look back at the story ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ people think that it originates from Texas, but the story actually originated in Massachusetts. While some have heard of Edward Gein, the Black Dahlia and John Wayne Gacy, people do not realize that many scary stories are inspired by actual killers or their victims. Typically, the true nature of these killers and the victims get no mention at all. 100
Albert Fish and Edward Gein are two of the forgotten murderers. These two cruel men inspired the urban legend ‘Slenderman’. Slender Man is a tall, faceless man, with tentacles for arms. He lures children away from safety and murders them, as well as killing adults. Slender Man is “guilty” of the same crimes that the Fish and Gein committed. The actual killers that inspired Slender Man actually did similar things to their victims that Slender Man is rumored to do. Slenderman is sometimes believed to be a true monster that lurks but when people …show more content…

She inspired them because of her harsh forced cut smile, the struggling actress was mutilated just like Jeff the Killer does to his innocent victims and the Joker copied her because he mimics some of the things that happened to her he does to his own victims. The Black Dahlia murder was a sinister way to end someone’s life, and the Joker and Jeff the Killer frequently do those same acts to their victims to make them suffer more than you would think, the only difference in these cases are that two are fake as well as boys. In all honesty, looking back the death of the Black Dahlia is more harsh and mysterious because the killer was never found but in these fiction stories the villain is already

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