Portfolio # 6: Mikal Ocana

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Portfolio #6 Mikal Ocana Dover, Minnesota Saturday 27th of October, 1979 I got the call late, around 11:30 if I had to guess. The caller described the two bodies they came across. Both of them were decapitated, mid twenties is what I concluded when we found the heads a few yards further in the corn fields. They’re the fourth and fifth case of this kind in the last two weeks. All found decapitated, all in corn fields. That’s about all we knew, we had no clues to who was committing these gruesome crimes, or why. The word was starting to spread around town, all the corn mazes that were still open decided to close. It wasn’t like they were going to get any business with murders popping up. Monday 29th of October, !979 A teenage boy described a tall pale faced man pacing around the entrance of a corn maze. The boy said the man was wearing a overcoat and a hat, also that he thinks the man had a saw in his hand. The boy had heard of the recent murders and was scared that this man had something to do with it. We sent 3 officers out to check out the field. They didn’t find the man, they did find a note. HE”S NEXT. …show more content…

That night the boy who reported the mysterious man was found. Dead, decapitated like the other 5. The only difference was that this time the killer took the time to post the boy's body as a scarecrow right in front of the field. In the boy's blood a message was left on his shirt saying “Try harder”. That put the people of Dover in

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