Josh Powell Case

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Josh Powell was the father of 2 boys Brayden 5, & Charles 7 who( two years prior to this arson/homicide) resided in Salt Lake City Utah, quickly moved his sons to Graham Washington with his father Steven Powell soon after the disappearance of his wife Susan Powell, mother of the two boys. On September 23, 2011 Steven Powell was arrested for child pornography, & voyeurism; after a search warrant was conducted in his home. Videos & images were captured of the neighbor’s children in the bathroom, & also secret video tapings of Susan Powell. The two boys were placed with their grandparents (parents of their mother) due to being in an unsafe environment & soon after this event, Josh became the main suspect in the disappearance of his wife being …show more content…

In the meantime, the boys were remembering the night of their mother’s disappearance & they drew pictures of a night they went camping with their father. The picture was of their mom in the trunk of the car. While the children continued on with supervised visits with CPS (Child Protective Custody) their aunt, (mother’s sister) begged for the court to end the visits because she feared deeply that Josh was going to harm her nephew’s; the court didn’t listen to her plea while CPS saw in harm in the children’s visit with their father. While the boys were living with their grandparents, on February 1st Josh Powell was court ordered to undergo psychosexual …show more content…

The technicians documented the time & date of the call, & began to videotape the fire. While the firefighters were fighting the fire, the forensic technicians took many pictures for the meantime, & also statements from witnesses. After the Forensic technicians spoke to Griffin, & hearing her statement during the arrival at the residence, they learned quickly that the fire was incendiary due to the smell of gas, & a quick explosion. Law enforcement was called, & the fire scene was quickly taped off as a crime scene then investigations began. With the proper safety equipment worn, investigators began to search for the fires Point-of-Origin, which was in the back bedroom where two five gallon gas cans were found. Photographs of the evidence were began to be taken. After searching for a while more, investigators found three bodies two small, & one adult. An axe was found near the adult, while on the two children hacks were found on their

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