Tony Robinson Case

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Madison Police Officer to Resume Desk Job With Force After Being Cleared of Wrongdoing

Officer Matt Kenny has been cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting death of Tony Robinson, Jr. on Mach 6. Robinson was shot in Madison, Wisconsin after several 911 calls complained about a man acting insanely, jumping into traffic and assaulting them. Officer Kenny was the first on the scene and followed Robinson into his house. According to the statements of Kenny, Robinson attacked him, knocked him into a wall and when he tried to retreat Robinson came after him. Afraid that Robinson would hit him again or take his gun, he opened fire. One of the seven bullets Kenny fired fatally hit Robinson.

According to CNN, the toxicology reports showed that hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana and Xanax were all in Robinson's system. The investigators looked at video that showed Kenny retreating from the building as …show more content…

There are many that are calling the shooting racially motivated and unjustified because of the racial mix of the officer and victim and the unarmed nature of Robinson at the time of the shooting.

Ismael Ozanne, Dane Country District Attorney issued the following statement after the investigating task force released their findings, "I conclude that this tragic and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly police force and that no charges should be brought against Officer Kenny in the death of Tony Robinson Jr.”

Ozanne reminded people that he, too, was a person of color and recognized that there were injustices that took place. This just was not one of them. Per CNN, “My decision will not bring Tony Robinson Jr. back," Ozanne told reporters. "My decision will not end the racial disparities that exist in the justice system, in our justice system. My decision is not based on emotion. Rather, this decision is based on the facts as they have been investigated and reported to

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