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“This has never been a case of trying to get free, I didn’t ever want freedom. Frankly, I wanted death for myself.” - Jeffrey Dahmer. The life story of Jeffrey Dahmer is very interesting, from his childhood to his eventual death, there are so many interesting facts that most people don’t know. A question i’ve formed while researching this topic is ‘What was his motive for killing?’. I chose this topic because serial killers have always interested me, the way their minds work is simply fascinating to me. I found out way more than I anticipated and it’s certainly broadened my knowledge of Dahmer. May 21st,1960 the day that Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born, a seemingly normal child. “When I was a little kid, I was just like anyone else” - Dahmer. …show more content…

After high school he enrolled at Ohio State University. Instead of paying attention to his grades and school work, his alcoholism got the best of him, causing him to skip classes and get drunk. He soon dropped out after only one semester. June 18th, 1978, Dahmer's first kill, a nineteen year old boy named Steven Hicks. He brought the boy back to his home for a couple of beers, but when the boy tried to leave, Dahmer grabbed a nearby dumbbell and clubbed Hicks over the head with it, later using it to strangle …show more content…

He then went on a massive killing spree, ending the lives of Ricky Beeks, Edward Smith, Ernest Miller, David Thomas, Curtis Straughter, and Errol Lindsey, whose skulls were all found in Dahmer’s apartment after his arrest in ‘91. May 17, 991, Dahmer met a young boy outside of a mall and offered him money to pose for nude pictures, the boy agreed and jeffrey took him back to his home. After the photo session, Jeffrey drugged the young boy and left him alone in the apartment while h went out for beer. The young boy escaped, running out into the street, prompting a concerned neighbor to call the police. When they arrived, Dahmer convinced them that the boy was his 19 year old lover. Being too drugged to confirm or deny the story, the police returned him to Dahmer, who then strangled him immediately after the police left. More bodies were added to Dahmer’s death list. Tony Hughes, Matt Turner, Jeremiah Weinberger, Oliver Lacy, Joseph Bradehoft, and Tracey Edwards. Edwards was the last close call for Dahmer. After escaping from Dahmer’s apartment, with one of his hands locked in handcuffs, he chased down a police car and led them back to Dahmer’s home. The police then proceeded to discover photographs of his victims, as well as body parts in the fridge and

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