Cameron Willingham's House Fire Essay

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In 1991 in northeastern Texas, a horrific event happened that would forever change a man’s life. That terrible day, twenty-three year old Cameron Willingham lost his children and his life would never be the same. A fire engulfed the Willingham’s house, burning every inch of the frame and everything that was inside, including his babies. When the police were called, Willingham was very distraught and made loud out cries, pointing the first responders in the direction to his children inside the house. As the firemen did everything they could to distinguish the flames, Willingham was continuing to grow more and more hysterical. As the responders brought out his oldest child, Amber, Willingham had to be restrained for his and the other officer’s safety. Amber was given CPR and was later pronounced dead from smoke inhalation. The one year old twins, Karmon and Kameron, were found lying on the floor of their bedroom, with their bodies burned severely (Grann, 2009). The cause of death for the twins was also smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire was investigated and was trying to be determined by fire investigators. Willingham gave consent for his home to be searched and was wanting the answers as to why his …show more content…

The fire investigators were able to tell in that house, three different places where a fire had originated from. These three places include: the hallway, the children’s room and the front door. Vasquez was able to testify that the fire was set by human hands intentionally (Grann, 2009). Samples of materials that had been burned in the house were collected and sent to the laboratory and the case had been classified as a triple homicide and Willingham became the main suspect. Police conducted interviews of witnesses and canvassed the neighborhood for additional statements in regards to Willingham’s actions and previous

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