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Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 victims between 1978 and 1991 before he was apprehended by law enforcement. On the night of July 22, 1991, a patrolling police officer came upon a partially clothed man stumbling down the road (Federal Bureau of Investigations, 2016). That young man turned out to be the key to stop Jeffrey Dahmer’s killing spree after he reported that Jeffrey had threatened him with knife. Upon further investigation, officers discovered several body parts belonging to multiple victims throughout this apartment.
During the investigation, remains of 11 victims and tools found in the apartment were sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) forensic laboratory specialists (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2016). As the investigation proceeded, the FBI was able to connect Jeffrey Dahmer to other murders over the years. Of course, the investigation not only included law enforcement, but lab technician, anthropologist, medical examiners, odonatologists, and behavior analysts to name a few. The laboratory specialist on the case conducted DNA profiles, tool marking analyses, and photographic and computer examinations on the evidence submitted (Federal Bureau of Investigations, 2016). …show more content…

Robert Mann and Doug Owsley. Mann described the body parts coming in preserved, and at various stages decomposition that told the story of murder and dismemberment. For instance, according to Mann and Williamson (2007), Dahmer dismembered and crushed the bones of his first victim Steven Hick, before spreading the bone fragments in the back yard of his parents’ home. What I found interesting about this particular case is that even though he crushed his bones into very small bone fragments, Dahmer failed to hide what he had

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