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The serial killer I chose is Jeffrey Dahmer. I decided to pick Dahmer because he intrigued me.
Jeffrey Dahmer was a very disturbed person, he tortured animals, was a necrophiliac, a sex offender, and overall a serial killer. Dahmer as a child was very distant and didn’t have many friends. According to he had a double hernia that had to be taken out at the age of 6, after the surgery he seemed different and was effected by that and the birth of his younger brother. Dahmer was a very lonely person who was very insecure and shy. He didn’t have any friends as a child or growing up at all, his coworkers described him as quiet. He killed
17 people total and molested some. Dahmer was infamously known for his torturous ways. He
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Dahmer eventually was caught when one of his victim’s escaped and showed police where Dahmer threatened him with a knife. In that room police found the photo’s that Dahmer took of his victim’s and arrested him. Jeffrey Dahmer was found guilty and had to serve 15 life terms or
957 years in prison. Jeffrey Dahmer was killed his second year in prison by an inmate that he harassed. I believe that Dahmer was mentally messed up and that he made his own choices and became the way he was. I think his parents should have been more there for him though and noticed that he didn’t have many friends and had weird behaviors, I felt as if they didn’t discipline him enough or he wouldn’t have acted out in the way he had. His parents got divorced when he was a teenager plus the contributing factors that he didn’t have any friends played a part of the way he was. I think the surgery and stress of everything was overwhelming and that he didn’t have someone to look up to and see right for wrong. As for his behaviors as

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