Green River Killer Timeline

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A Timeline On the Green River Killer
July 15, 1982: Children found Wendy Coffield(16 years old), strangled in the Green River
Aug. 16: After the bodies of four more young women are found in or near the Green River, King County police set up the biggest police task force since the Ted Bundy murders of the 1970s.
April 30, 1983: The first apparent police attention to Gary L. Ridgway occurs when victim Marie Malvar disappears. Her boyfriend follows a pickup suspected in the disappearance. The pickup is identified as Ridgway’s. Ridgway denies any contact with Malvar.
November 20, 1983 : Police say the same man had killed 11 women found in South King County since summer 1982.
May 1984: Ridgway contacts the Green River Task Force, ostensibly to

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