Guerilla Battle Tactics

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The American Revolution arose from the escalating conflict between the thirteen colonies and their mother country, Great Britain. This uprising took place between 1775 and 1783. By the end of the war, the thirteen colonies, in victory, had gained their independence from Britain and were to be called the United States of America. Some argue that the increasing debt of the British Empire, aided the Americans’ win in the Revolutionary war the most. However the different battle tactics used by the colonial militia and intervention of other countries like France played a role on a much larger scale in the result of America’s victory. Therefore, America 's success was based more on America’s guerilla warfare and the support from other countries than the debt of the British. The Seven Years War, prior to the American Revolution, broke off with Britain at a national debt of 140 million pounds. Great Britain put taxes on their own citizens to help pay off the debt of their country. The American Revolution took an additional extensive amount of money out of Britain. The war persisted for eight years and each year it cost the British an average of twelve million pounds. The British —unfunded— soon decided that they couldn’t bear the expense of another high-priced war against the Americans …show more content…

Nonetheless, in the Revolutionary war, Americans changed the game and created what was called guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare was first used in the battles of Lexington and Concord. These tactics included ambushes, raids, hidden shooters, etc. Against the British militia —the strongest army in the world— Washington, commander and chief of the colonial militia, found it necessary to use these tactics to defeat such a large and traditional army. Guerilla warfare tactics is what put Washington’s army ahead in the war. The success of the Americans prolonged the expensive war and put more pressure on the

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