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Numerous people's lives are affected by the crushing grasp and ruthless force of oppression, which binds and deprives them of their basic freedoms and rights. Jael Richardson, the acclaimed author behind the celebrated novel "Gutter Child," delves into the depths of oppression within the pages of her known work. Richard expertly captures the struggles that Elimina and other characters face on a daily basis through the moving story of Elimina and various other characters in the book. Elimina's mother passed away, leaving her to live in the gutters and fight for her freedom. However, they face numerous difficult obstacles on the way to freedom. Intricacies of an oppressive system are explored in depth in Richardson's book, where seemingly impossible …show more content…

This brave move made by Josephine serves as a striking picture of the difficult decisions individuals who are caught in the grips of oppression and discrimination must make. The quote, "..Then do that, have those dogs tear through every building until she's found" (118) from Jael Richardson's book "Gutter Child" effectively expresses the spirit of this oppressive environment. Mr. Gregors,the head of Livingstone Academy, orders his guards to look for Josephine while using the terrifying dogs as a frightening symbol to anybody who dared to break the school's strict rules. When Mr. Gregors says, "I want all these kids to see these dogs, so they know what's coming if they decide to follow Josephine's lead" (119), he further emphasizes the oppressive state of mind. This argument just adds to the sense of hopelessness and despair that surrounds the lives of the kids who are confined to the academy. The characters in "Gutter Child" personify the damaging effects of oppression on freedom and human dignity since they are constrained by impossible obligations and subjected to society's strict categorizations. Richardson skillfully reveals the systematic and marginalizing aspect of oppression through Josephine's struggle and the strange presence of the dogs, providing as a moving reminder of the stubbornness and …show more content…

This heartbreaking story is simply another powerful illustration of the oppression that these individuals faced on a daily basis. Tilly's suffering reaches its peak when, after nine laborious months of bearing the child, she is unable to retain her darling child since she is trapped at a different academy because of her pregnancy. "Where's my baby? I want my baby," she cries out desperately (226), her words echoing as guards forcibly lead her away. As Tilly's severe anguish is exacerbated by the rapid separation from her infant kid and the uncertainty of whether they will ever be reunited, the degree of oppression suffered by the gutter children becomes brutally apparent. Elimina and her friends, who are plagued by their own knowledge of the cruel system, take comfort in their collective pain as Tilly is torn apart. "We huddle close, weeping for Tilly and her baby, weeping for each other," (227). Elimina realizes the oppressive cycle at this painful point, realizing that it will be hard for her to have to separate from her kid when the time comes for her to give birth. Elimina and her friends are motivated to fight against oppressive forces by a mother's undying love, yet in spite of their efforts, they continue to be imprisoned by injustice. Each incident, from Josephine's daring escape to Tilly's

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