HALT-Ernatives To Drug Use: Article Analysis

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The article “What Are the HALT-ernatives to Drug Use” examine how the client handles his/her stress related to alcoholics. HALT stands for: hunger, anger, loneliness, or tiredness. The article states hunger, anger, loneliness, or tiredness are triggers often conceived as by drug abuser to engage in using. While I was reading the article, it reminded me of the Bowen family therapy. One aspect Bowen family therapy focus on is the idea people are the result of an evolutionary process. One component of the model is differentiation of self. Differentiation of self is the separation of one’s intellectual and emotional functioning process from other. Hunger the acronym in HALT states “People who are drug-dependent often try to satisfy this stress signal with drugs”, Anger states “ you might thing of yelling and screaming obscenities or fighting, then maybe going to grab a drink at the bar”, Loneliness states trying to learn how to live without drug dependency”, Tiredness states frequent drinking or drug use leads to problems with sleep, and operating on a lack of sleep can lead to errors in judgment, poor decision-making, and increased stress” @. (2016). What Are the HALT-ernatives To Drug Use? Retrieved November 29, 2016, from …show more content…

I could utilize the develop of a genogram to examine if there is a family history of drug/alcohol abuse. I could utilize the process questions technique establishing the cause of anxiety and other stressors. I could utilize the family experiment by building supports for the clients and simultaneously altering dysfunctional relationships within the family. HALT is not an actual model but it can be used to help identify certain issues a client is struggle with to help guide the clinician to a specific model. Which could be utilize to help a client who is struggle with drug/alcohol

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