Hamlet Act 4 Essay

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The way I comprehend the significant aspects of Act IV for every scene are the following: Scene 1 - Gertrude admitted that her son accidentally killed Polonius, she did the right thing by telling Claudius what happened instead of covering Hamlet. Scene 2 – Hamlet decided to face the king rather than run and hide to get away from his misdeed. Scene 3 – Hamlet finally tell the truth where he hid Polonius’ body, after some heated argument with Claudius. Scene 4 – Hamlet came across Fortinbras’ army after Claudius exiled him to England, he learned and get inspiration from young Fortinbras’ courage. Then, thought that he should face his torment, which is to avenge the wrongful death of his father. Scene 5 – Ophelia’s state of mind and how she ended up in such a state become instrumental to poke the conscience of Claudius and Gertrude. It made the former and the …show more content…

The modern spin of it helped me understand better than the text form of the play. In addition, the production is a plus factor, and the portrayal of characters are effectively internalized by the actors. David Tennant as Hamlet is especially effective in scene 3 by the stairs when he was mocking Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Likewise, Patrick Stewart is very convincing in scene 3 while he was talking to himself in front of the mirror expressing that he wishes to eliminate Hamlet whom he feels like a thorn in his throat. In scene 5, Penny Downie as Gertrude made a remarkable act as well, the way she handled Ophelia in scene 5. Finally, Mariah Gale as Ophelia is exceptional on her act in scene 5, in my opinion. The act of a daughter who lost her father is truly convincing and heartwarming, which will make the viewers pour their hearts out after Ophelia. In closing, the importance of Act IV is captured effectively on visual form by the adaptation in 2009 of RSC of William Shakespeare’s

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