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As the play starts with the death of the previous Hamlet, there is already tragedy that has poisoned the kingdom of Denmark. Tragedy is highlighted throughout the whole play and creates a dark atmosphere around the characters. This dark energy seeps into the lives of those in Denmark and influences many onto the wrong path. The theme of espionage is prominent in Hamlet, underscoring themes of deception. It is manifest in the furtive and self-destructive behavior seen in several characters’ story arcs and becomes a key contributor to the tragic consequences that result. The play's first significant appearance of espionage is revealed through the characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are childhood friends of Hamlet. Not questioning the …show more content…

By expressing their unwavering loyalty to the king by agreeing to spy on Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern reinforce the theme of deception as he betrays Hamlet, their long-time friend, in order to carry out Claudius’s dirty work. This betrayal and deception ultimately lead to their tragic demise as the letter, Hamlet’s execution note, which they are ordered to deliver, is discovered by Hamlet himself and used against them. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are executed and Hamlet feels no guilt whatsoever, as their betrayal really hurt him. Another illustration of deception is highlighted through the various acts of King Claudius, as he is the mastermind behind many of …show more content…

His willingness to conspire with Claudius and deceive Hamlet into thinking that it is a fair fight. Eager to get his revenge, Laertes “[dips] a knife in” the poison so that nothing “can save [Hamlet] from death,” demonstrating the damaging consequences of acting on desires for revenge through deception (IV, vii, 159). In the end, Laertes does end up wounding and therefore killing Hamlet, however, “Laertes, as he himself admits, ‘is justly killed by [his] own treachery’ (5.2.297),” by also getting stabbed by the same poisoned blade

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